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Whether Buying, Building, or selling, Star Building Inspections is a trusted name you can rely on, offering quality service at a very affordable price. All Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections, including New Home Construction (Stage) Inspections are carried out by the business owner, a fully insured Registered Builder & Certified Pest Inspector. We offer a hassle-free booking service, and coordinate access with agents to meet your time frame.

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All inspections are carried out by a Fully Insured, Registered Builder


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Our Building & Pest Inspections cover the following areas.

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How it Works

The Star Inspection Process

The Building Inspection

Your Building and Pest inspection, including the detailed condition report, will be carried out by a Fully Insured, Registered Building Practitioner, in accordance with the Australian Inspection Standards AS4349.1-2007 and  AS4349.3. using the latest in technology and diagnostic equipment.

The inspections starts at the driveway and finishes at the rear fence. From the exterior to the interior including roofs, subfloors, roof spaces, wet areas including moisture tests and an overview of the electrical & plumbing. all accessible areas will be thoroughly inspected.

During the inspection, we will visually identify existing issues and defects to effected areas of the home, also highlighting Major Safety Hazards, future liabilities, Timber pest activity and or damage, highlighted in our easy to understand, comprehensive condition reports, including photos.

The Pest Inspection

Your inspector is Certified and Equipped with the Termatrac T3i state-of-the-art technology, specifically designed to detect ACTIVE timber pests/termites, were other detection equipment, like thermal cameras, are not.

From front to back, top to bottom, all accessible areas will be visually inspected for the presence of timber pest activity and   identify what damage has been done to the home. 

Often the damage caused by termites is Structural, leading to major repairs. We’ll advise you on what action to take if active termites are detected and how to protect you home from future termite attack, detailed within your comprehensive report.

Termite activity can cause Major Structural damage, and leading to costly repairs even re-builds. Whether you are buying new or old, it pays to be safe, to protect your hard earned money. Invest in building and pest inspection. It may be the smartest financial decision you’ll ever make.


The Report

You will receive your comprehensive condition report on the same day as the inspection.

The report is specifically designed to the property, easy to understand, includes detailed descriptions to areas of concerns, photos providing you with a visual understanding and recommendations on what specific trades are needed. 

The inspector will personally call you to discuss the report in detail, make recommendations in regards to repairs & trades,  guiding you all the way is our specialty. We welcome you to ask as many questions as you like. 

Armed with the correct information, you’ll be able to make a sound financial decision.


World № 1 Pest Detection Technology

How Termatrac T3i is different than other detection methods carried out by other inspectors.

Your Inspector is fully trained and certified to use the Termatrac T3i.

Termites are clearly difficult to detect with reliable results. The Termatrac T3i is the only known devise in the world that can truly detect live termites & track their movements. Many detection methods used from other Inspections companies are destructive to either property or they disturb the termite colony.

Termatrac T3i is designed to detect termites in a non-destructive and non-disturbing manner. Termatrac T3i Device will detect movement activity through materials such as brick, wood stucco, concrete blocks, ceramics tiles, marble, terracotta tiles, mica, plastic veneer, vinyl and many other common building materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to Know More?

Have you signed a Contract ?

You have a 3 day cooling off period, 3 business days which start the day after signing. This is the best time to book your inspection as you can withdraw from the contract within those 3 days if the condition report highlights expensive repairs. The contract will contain a clause that says "Subject to Building & Pest Inspection". Most contracts stipulate that the inspection MUST be carried out by a Registered Building Practitioner. MAKE SURE you ask when booking an inspection" "Is your inspector a Registered Builder?"

Are You a Registered Builder?

Yes, we are Registered with the Victorian Building Authority under Licensed Building Practitioners. This is not the case with a large percentage of other inspectors/consultants either self employed or working for a large company, in Victoria. It pays to check if your inspector is a Registered Builder, not just "trade qualified" as advertised.

For a new home, what stages should we inspect?

All 5 critical stages, to ensure your build is in accordance with the Plans and Specifications. The Stages include: Pre-Slab (prior to concrete slab poor) Frame Stage Lock-Up/Pre-Plaster Fixing & Waterproofing (prior to painting and laying tiles) Handover

How much notice do you need for bookings?

Pending work load, normally 48 hours notice. If it’s urgent for various reasons, we will try and accommodate you best we can.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! We hold both professional indemnity and public liability insurances. Beware those that don’t!

Why do I need a Building & Pest Inspection?

To help protect you from potentially making a huge financial mistake.Purchasing a property without a trained eye for building issues, can cost you far more than investing a minor amount for a Building & Pest inspection. The report may help you negotiated a significant reduction in the final purchase price and not to mention the possibility of ending the contract if we find server defects.

How long before I receive my report ?

You will receive the condition report on the same day of the inspection. You will also get a follow up phone call from the inspector. We will explain in detail the items highlighted in the report. We will also give recommendations & guidance in regards to repairs & trades. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

Do I need to attend the inspection?

You don't need to. We normally meet the Real Estate agent or building supervisor who grants us access. You're more than welcome to attend if you like.

How can I make a booking?

Easy. Either click on the booking button on this page, or call us with your questions, and book when satisfied with out answers.


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